Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Saturdays Treat Looks Like This

Allowing myself a treat once a week (Saturdays) I am counting down the days!

So I managed to complete the nine day detox and lost 8lbs in total. Another week has passed and I have stuck with the healthy eating, running and I am feeling good.

I am not stepping on the scales for another two weeks as I am hoping for a nice surprise, maybe like another 6lb gone!

My nephews birthday last week meant birthday cake all round and I figured it would of being rude to refuse the piece of chocolate Caterpillar goo given to me and so I accepted it as my treat for the week (even though it was only Friday) I ate it very slowly and savoured every mouthful. It had been nearly three weeks since I had indulged and it was fantastic! I could of easily eaten half the Caterpillar cake but that would of just being darn right greedy so I was grateful for the minuscule piece I was given and when it was gone my thoughts turned to the next seven days ahead of me until I was able to indulge again.

I work 12hr shifts, the last four which have been nights and so to fit my running in is always a bit of a testing time, however, I have been out there despite the weather. I forgot how much fun running in the rain is. To set off on your run when the heavens have opened is no fun at all but once you are actually out there legs going music playing its great embracing the downpour. It felt so liberating to run in such conditions whilst everyone I passed scurried around trying to push up umbrellas, darting into shop doorways, all huddled over afraid of what the sky had to offer whilst I was soaked to the skin running to the rhythm of the rain.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets"


  1. Ummm cake.
    I can see 7 there, one for every day! If you don't fancy the other 6 i'm sure I can 'dispose' of them for you.

  2. I would have eaten the whole caterpillar cake which is why I wouldn't even eat one piece, it would trigger me to binge. Good for you on your dedication to both running and your eating.