Sunday, 19 July 2009

Puccini and Raindrops

For a long time now I have being promising myself to start each day with a run. The problem is that I am not so good with mornings. For as long as I can remember I have always set my alarm clock an hour before I have to get out of bed. This gives me plenty of time to hit the snooze button a dozen times before actually managing to open my eyes and make my way from beneath the duvet.

Over the last few weeks I have driven Philip mad as the alarm on my phone has been going off at 05.00a.m. every morning, needless to say I have not made it out of bed but simply fumbled for the snooze button again and again. For good measure the main alarm then blares at 06.00 which scares the life out of both of us as it so loud to make sure that it actually wakes me up. I think it actually wakes up all the street!

Realising how unfair this is as Philip does not need to get out of bed until 07.00 I did promise last week to try and get out of bed as soon as the alarm went off at 05.00. I managed this twice! and did three mile runs. It's a start.

Running has taken a back seat as I have been doing a lot of cycling of late, however, I would really like to run every day which is why I thought that the early morning starts were a good idea to get me running again. I will try again this week!

Yesterday we cycled to York. Around trip of 76 miles. Our bikes went in for a service and while we were waiting thought we would spend a few hours wandering round York and go for some lunch. We packed a change of clothes and set off at 08.00. The forecast was not good and showers were expected, however, we didn't expect them to last all the way to York.

We arrived in York soaked to the skin with our change of clothes equally as wet. The rain stopped and a short appearance was made by the sun. We sat in very wet cycle clothes and had a pub lunch. A little different from the afternoon we had in mind.

The sun was still shining as we set off back to Beverley but no sooner had we turned the pedals and the heavens opened again. We spent much of our our journey home in and out of bus shelters and underneath trees waiting for the downpour to calm.

It was a very cold and wet 76 miles and the thought of a hot shower and my dressing gown kept me going. We were soon revived warm and dry watching Armstrong climb.

I found some great new tracks for cycling and running "Classical Cardio" Puccini and Vivaldi funked up certainly kept me going today.

Last week I cycled 128 miles. Next week we are cycling London to Cambridge fingers crossed it will not be in the rain.


  1. 76 miles and in the rain to boot...nice job! I'm not a runner, so I'm apt to encourage your cycling. However, I do find it impressive that you get up so early to run. How's that? ;-)

  2. I too have a hard time waking up for early am runs.
    That's a lot of biking miles, esp in the rain. Good thing you didn't catch a cold. Have fun cycling to Cambridge and stay dry!

  3. Awesome job on the getting up and running in the morning and all the cycling you've been doing!

  4. I would like to take the time to congratulate you on a job well done with this blog.

    I have finished my review of "Love To Run Love To Pedal" and I'm happy to announce your blog will appear on Blogging Women.

    A big thank you for submitting your blog to our women's blog directory and I wish you continued success.

  5. Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

  6. Hi Joanne, i,m knackered just reading your story, i used to be a very keen cyclist, only watch the big tours on tv now.

  7. Oh, please tell where you found the music! I found two CDs called Classical Cardio, but they feature German composers and I live for Italian Baroque.

  8. Great job on the biking! I used to have a lot of trouble getting out of bed till I discovered how refreshing it is to run early mornings.

    Love your background pic!

  9. @atypicalheroine
    I found the tracks on itunes.
    Some great ones.

    It sure is refreshing to run early morning once I have managed to get up!

    Get back on your bike Alex :)