Friday, 2 October 2009

Jo Goes Commando

No, not "Free Balling" (or maybe that is another blog altogether!)

A few days ago whilst sitting in the surrounds of a beautiful nature park pondering on life a car pulled up not far from me and a man in army style trousers with the look of a PTI about him got out. He began unloading bags from his car, I watched wondering of his whereabouts. More vehicles approach and within minutes a number of women were surrounding this man like flies round a honey pot. Intrigued as to the draw I thought the only sure way was to join these women and find out.

Turns out this is "Commando Fit" just down my street, a military style beasting all in the name of personal training. Outdoor training consisting of highly motivational fitness sessions based on Physical Training sessions used to train the military, fire fighters and professional sports players.

I cant say I am overly excited over the attire (different coloured bibs depending on your level of fitness) well let me tell you I will only be wearing the colour of the fittest, this been determind by a fitness test. Bring on the bleeps!

So watch this space! my first session is tomorrow morning.

With no bike at the moment it saddens me that I will not be turning the pedals. I will however be throwing myself into running and my new found Commando Fit for now.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or so they say!


  1. Commando fit... I need some of that! Biking and running do wonders for the legs. I need core workouts.

    Have fun, if it can be described as fun...

  2. Is having someone yelling at you to run faster actualy fun? - I hope you somehow manage to enjoy your beasting!

  3. AWESOME!!!! I am so interested to see what this turns out to be!!! I find my broken body lives vicariously thru yours.. How lame is that???

  4. So, what happened to your bike?

  5. Wow! I've never heard of it. Hope you have a good time (and don't ...kill yourself). Curious to know how it turns out.

  6. Wasn't sure if you got my 'unattached' running gear comment ??? Can't see it here... Hmm???

  7. @Woman In The Midst
    My body was also broken half way through hee!

    My relationship ended and unfortunately the bike was not mine :( I will pedal again one day though :)

    Chri5 I did your message thanks they are on my shopping list :)