Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Morning Blowout - By Joanne Bartlett

This morning I was woken with a cup of tea, which was nice followed by "you have to wake up were going biking" which was not so nice only seconds after I had opened my eyes at 08.00 on a Sunday morning. Not quite knowing if I was still dreaming or not I reached out for confirmation from the steaming cup of tea at the side of me. I did hope that I was still dreaming, that I was going to wake to find Philip still asleep but that was not the case he was large as life WIDE AWAKE and already half dressed in cycle clothing.

I'm not a morning person at all. After drinking half a cup of steaming tea I made my way downstairs and out of the back door to check out the chill factor. Brrrrrr it was freezing, I was soon back inside up the stairs and dived under the duvet, I made my mind up there and then that a bike ride this morning was not happening for me.

I snuggled back down into the warmth of the bed but from underneath the duvet I was already starting to feel guilty at my decision, it wasn't like it was a surprise I knew the night before that we were going out for a ride today. The clock was ticking and Philips start time was fast approaching. Five minutes more, just five more I kept telling myself and then as though ejected from my bed I sprung into action.
Within no time I was washed dressed searching for gloves and Ipod and getting myself together.

We aimed to do fifty miles and although the morning was very cold it was a great morning for cycling, the sun was out and the air was still. The windless morning brought out enthusiasts in
there droves, runners and bikers all enjoying the crisp sunny morning.

It was a great ride mostly flat which meant we clocked some good speeds and was made all the more worth while by the sight of a baby deer skipping across a snow covered field, would of made a fantastic picture but unfortunately we were too far away.

At 42 miles my back tyre decided enough was enough, slight hitch but not a problem, the flat was changed and out came the CO2 inflator which went off like a fire cracker. Three cartridges later and my tyre was still flat. A very nice chap came cycling towards towards us and told us to "carry the extra weight and get a proper pump" thankfully he produced one and I thought it would only be a matter of minutes and I would be cycling off into the distance. Wrong. Bang went my tyre. It was in fact the nice chap and Philip who cycled off into the distance leaving me to walk to the next village which luckily was only about half a mile away. While Philip raced the remaining 8 miles back for the car I hobbled on cleated foot into the village and found a bench to wait for rescue.

Provisions soon ran out (we did have bananas too but this also just happened to be in the bag on the back of Philips bike)

I was soon rescued by my knight in muddy cycle armour.

So apart from my unfortunate puncture today was a good ride. I am back at work tomorrow so hopefully weather prevailing I will be running for the next four days and then back on my bike Friday for a weekend of cycling.

"Those who wish to sing always find a song"

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