Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tree To Tree And Push And Pull - By Joanne Bartlett

Still snowy snowy here in UK at the moment and this road slowed down the ride on Saturday for a mile or so as walking was the only option other than risking taking a tumble. Sixty Seven miles cycled, over twenty with cold wet feet.

I did something that I don't usually do whilst riding on Saturday and that was to switch off my music. After listening to The Baha Men sing "Who Let The Dogs Out" a trillion times as this song with it's funky beat usually makes my legs spin that little bit faster I opted for the silent wheel.

The silent wheel was not all that bad. I usually tell myself that I cycle better with music booming in my ears but this is not so as I found out.

I read on a guys running blog that he chants a "Tree To Tree" mantra to himself whilst running pushing himself from one tree to the next which I found amusing as when cycling I always use the "Push And Pull" usually accompanied by blaring sounds but whilst I chose the silent wheel for a while the "Push and Pull" worked just as well as the Baha Men.

Hopefully as we approach March the white fields will return to green and the slushy roads dry out to make for a more pleasant ride.

It was not so bad underfoot today I ran seven miles and the snowmen all gone.

Waiting for sunshine.

"'Come to the edge,' he said.
They said, 'But we're afraid.
''Come to the edge,' he said.
They came.
He pushed them, and they flew."


  1. I completely fed up with hearing that stupid Katy Perry song every spin class, I have to say.

  2. Hey Andy
    No Katy perry song going on here:)
    Good to hear you are persevering with the spin classes, good on ya!

  3. i would love to ride in that snow it looks great ive always wanted to do that. probably opt for a mountain bike though. i like reading your people are unreasonable illogical and self centered etc thing so true. if you get a chance google "freya hoffmeister" she's paddling a kayak around australia. i like reading her daily posts. very inspirational.keep up the training. c ya

  4. Hey Anton
    It's the taking a tumble thats not so great when cycling in the snow :)
    I will check out Freya Hoffmeister and am also following Tigerkyra who is also Kayaking.

    “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

  5. Very nice blog, continue to do good...sure that I agree with you!

  6. Thanks Adrian for your kind comment.
    Fantastic pictures you are very talented, I will keep checking in :)