Sunday, 1 February 2009

Peddler’s Perch - By Joanne Bartlett

Mileage could of been a lot more this week but the weather here is not so great (18 miles ran, 58 miles cycled).

Philip and I managed a ride to Scarborough (Yorkshire Coast 58 miles) on Thursday and called in at his mums where much appreciated warmth and a very welcomed lunch awaited.

The ride started out great battling the headwinds and I felt very strong, fuelled from the previous nights pasta dinner and the leg strengthening from my running I was enjoying the challenge of the weather as we pushed out the miles, however, around the forty mile point it was apparent that I was having a few problems with my seating arrangement.

I have never paid much attention to the seating of my bike other than changing the height of it probably because I have never had any cause to before. I do know that different saddle designs exist for male and female cyclists accommodating the genders differing anatomies but never having any problems in the seating area before I have never given it much thought (a recumbent ride would have been heaven at this point) I was in agony and did not know how I was going to continue shifting around in my seat every few seconds I was not able to ride properly. The train station was seeming to be the only option. Although I could of done with a bit of extra padding in them I did however have my big girls pants on and dug in for the next 18 miles to Scarborough. Seems my sit bones are not sat right upon my saddle.

I have found a few alternatives to sit those bones on which look a great deal comfier than what seemed like a weapon of torture balancing above the frame of my bike, here are a few of the comfier looking choices.

As comfy as they all do look I think I will be checking out something along the lines of the Terry Ti Butterfly Saddle it just wouldn't be very fair seated upon a sheepskin saddle bearing in mind that we ride through a lot of countryside "Baa-aah"!

Back to my running for the next three days then Philip tells me we are cycling what ever the weather on Friday Saturday and Sunday so maybe snowchains would be a good buy as we are white over here this morning and its still falling.

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