Monday, 25 May 2009

Always A Girlie Girl

I have always being a girlie girl with a love for shoes, dresses, bags blah blah the list of girlie things goes on.

I am a great fan of Internet shopping and often trawl ebay looking for vintage finds. It occurred to me the other day whilst surfing the tangled web for potential purchases that the images looking back at me were not 4" inch killer heels or the latest wiggle dress.

Bicycle tyres!

Whats happening to me? Dressing my bike whats that all about? I have to say however they were pink tyres!

Seems I have being neglecting the girl in me. Gone are the days of looking for perfume and St Tropez tan, this seasons summer selections and all things that shout female. I now find myself looking at tyres! cycling attire, running attire and cameras (with a love of images strange and out of the norm I would one day like to be capturing life through a lens).

So I just had to give myself a little shake and remind myself that I am still girlie girl and what do you know?

within minutes I came across these fab shoes that were a must.

Carrie Bradshaw you can keep your Manolo Blahnik's I am skipping all the way down the yellow brick road!


  1. great blogpost joanne, you have to keep your bike pretty too

  2. Mrs. Slug adores those shoes! She is not whether she wants the left one or the right one for her tail. Either look like a perfect fit!

  3. I will I will but I just needed the shoes!

  4. Keep your tail off Mrs Slug these shoes are mine! :)))

  5. Nice blog and the content as well. Check out my wife's blog, as you may have a similar interest in bikes and fashion.

    Nice half marathon time, as well!

  6. Thanks Bob I will be sure to check out your wifes blog :)

  7. Every time I read your blog you give me a little shake! =)
    Luv the shoes!
    As always, thanks for the inspiration. I WILL one day run again AND ride a bike!!

  8. I stumbled on your site from another blogger, and your post is so true. I like fashion myself, but as a runner I always end up shopping and wearing workout clothes. Nice post.

  9. With those shoes, you'll have to come to Kansas and run or bike!

  10. Nothing says pretty (cool) girl runner like a running skort. I became a convert last year.

    And those shoes are killer. I'd definitely wear them on my bike.

  11. I'd say you are a highly qualified girly-girl... those shoes are magnificently girly. Some wonder 'where have all the cowboys gone', but I've found myself wondering where have all the girly-girls gone, and I think I've finally found one. Bravo.

  12. Those are the cutest shoes ever!