Monday, 22 June 2009

Curves Are In This Season

This weekend was "Flat Out In The Fens", I myself was defiantly "Flat Out" very much so I was horizontal as I was touched with the sniffles, throat like cut glass, stuffy nose, constant head ache and convinced myself it was the old swine thing. I had many a disagreement with Philip over whether I was well enough to cycle arguing my case that once the medication kicked in I would be fine. Dr Philips prescription did not in any shape or form include partaking in a 77 mile bike ride.

It went something like this:

Under no circumstances must any Lycra clothing in the form of cycling attire come into contact with the skin.
cycles are not to be mounted for at least two days
Bed rest must be taken for a minimum of 48 hours
No but's
Go to bed and rest up

So I waved Philip off on Saturday afternoon all geared up for his ride on the Sunday. I don't remember a great deal more of Saturday. I drifted in and out of sleep occasionally waking and feeling sorry for myself, reaching for a gulp from my bottle of water and pulling the duvet over me for the trillionth time trying to find that comfortable position that my body had not yet laid in after many a hour in bed.
And so very soon a long Saturday turned into Sunday morning and I woke with envy as my thoughts turned to Philip and his friends riding Flat Out In The Fens. It was 09.00a.m. when I woke, an hour and half cycled already My envy soon began to leave me as I remembered their 04.00a.m. start to the day.
Sunday was an improvement on Saturday, I did manage to get dressed and venture outside for a while. Philip called buzzing and full of jubilation after the ride and within a few hours he was back home with pictures and tales of his Flat Out In The Fens.
We are doing London to Cambridge at the end of July, hopefully bugs will not be lurking to put me out of action.
Been the girlie that I am I decided to start pimping my ride and adding some girlie touches. Philip has bound my bars in pink tape. Pink water bottles are on the way. I did think about pink tyres but thought it a bit much but maybe a pink chain could be next and of course the riding apparel has flashes of pink here and there.

Whilst searching the net for such things I came across some great shoes that are most certainly on my list.
Along with this great seat that I found on a fab site if you are that kinda rider.

Miles on my bike have not been that great, 179 miles in the last two weeks. We cycled to Bridlington last weekend and with the promise of fish and chips once we got there my legs did not fail me and the fish and chips were great.

The diet front, well I am adopting a new approach and loving my curves at the moment (hey girlie's are meant to have curves right!!) and trying not go get too stressed out at the scales refusal to budge. I now have a weight programme to follow devised for me by a very nice man in the gym last week so am trying to fit the weights in with everything else. I did notice circuit training classes at the gym as well and would like to fit those in somewhere!!
The plan for this week is to do 20 miles each evening straight from work, fit the gym in a couple of nights after cycling and then longer rides at the weekend.
Philip has a ride in August "Hotter than Hell" with his brother Paddy and is training flat out at the moment. He did 77 miles yesterday and today cycled 108 miles climbing 7,000ft.
Realistically I don't have any chance of keeping up with this man on a mission!


  1. Missing the Fens was probably for the best.

    I'm going to have to send you another link to go with that bar tape and saddle.
    There's pink somewhere in that list!

  2. Those are some fast looking shoes.

  3. Cute saddle, I like that. As for curves, yes, we girls are supposed to have them! Dieting is so hard and I'll say it, "the pits." But if you do 20 miles every evening, + gym, + weekend rides, you'll drop weight for sure. That's a whole lot of exercise! But who doesn't want to ride? ;-)

  4. It sucks being sick and not being able to play, but hope you are feeling better now! I seriously need to get some bike time in.

  5. Hope you're feeling better. It stinks not being able to play.

  6. We hate to rest, but sometimes it's for the best.
    Easier said than done, I know!

  7. Pedal along when you're helps to get the goo out. What's a little snot among friends!?!

  8. absolutely nothing to do with curves .... just to let you know (as somebody this side of the pond that follows David Goggins) he is even more not well now. Send him a cheery up. He needs it !! Kind regards,