Sunday, 5 July 2009

What Diet?

Although the miles are increasing the diet of late has consisted of slimfast and all things bad. The slimfast is a poor attempt though all good intentions go into the mixing and shaking of the drink, however, of late the following day when the fridge at work is opened the yellow drink is still there untouched. Yes I am left with a sense of guilt as I recall the replacement foods consumed over the week whilst these colourful drinks have stacked up.

On a pinker note, my bike is now looking very much girlie.

And or course the shoes. I am a bit of an Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes and whilst I cant think for one minute these would be in Imelda's collection they're most certainly now in mine and what fab shoes.

They fit like slippers and much like Dorothy's ruby slippers became fixed to my feet the minute I put them on.
Saturday morning we cycled 36 miles so I could try out these fantastic shoes. Again just like Dorothy's, MAGIC! our average was 16mph and at times when we had a mad blast we clocked 26mph.

I really didn't want to take these babies off my feet but eventually Philip removed them whilst I slept!

Last week I cycled 155 miles and that was without my super dupa shoes. This week I have only done 58 miles, my shoes only arrived on Saturday morning so watch this space for the coming week!


  1. YOU are AWESOME!!!! Holy smokes!! That's alot of miles!!!

    I'm not a big fan of Slimfast on the whole but I did get a juicer and fresh juice outta' that thing is better than chocolate! It's my baby step to health and I really do feel better. One day I WILL get back on a bike and when I do I'll post it on my blog! It won't be anything close to the coolness of your bike - nor will my shoes by the way, those are so cute! - But, it will have 2 wheels, a seat and some handle bars, oh, and brakes, very important for me.. And that will be my bike!

    I don't know how you do it but keep on keepin' on!!!

  2. You're header is sooo funny!
    And LOVE the shoes!
    Maybe I would get more miles in if I had pretty shoes like that. Great job on the miles.

  3. Those shoes are cool! If my wife were a roadie she would demand a pair of those.

  4. Those shoes are really cool!