Saturday, 29 August 2009

I Ride Again

I woke early this morning which is always the case when you do not have to get up. Already the sun was streaming through the blinds at such an early hour. My thoughts turned to Philip and I looked at the clock and counted back the hours to determine the time in his part of the world.

Midnight, yet only 7 hours away from the big ride. Today Philip is riding the "Hotter n Hell" in Wichita Falls Texas. A 100 mile endurance ride braving the hot Texas sun. Survival is definitely a badge of cycling honour.

Rather than re-arrange the duvet and my half awakened body to drift back off to sleep I decided to get up and wondered what I was going to do with my day.

As my morning began my mind was on the clock counting down the time until such an hour that I could imagine Philip and the rest of the Mules waking and getting ready for the big day. I tried to imagine such a feeling of been only hours away from such a huge event. An event that you have trained for all year. Such a challenge, so many people, such a journey. What a high they will be on.

I suddenly had a desperate desire to be on my bike too. I have not cycled for about three weeks now maybe more. Scott thinks I have abandoned him as he stands propped up against the wall his pedals having not turned for such a long time.

Last night I put away cycling clothes that have been hanging around the ironing basket for weeks. Usually they don't get to see behind closed drawers as they are normally in use. I already knew by now that today I would be taking Scott out and reacquainting myself with him. As I came downstairs dressed in attire Scott recognised only too well I knew that he was on his way to forgiving my temporary lapse. He was just as eager to get out as I was. Big girls pants hovering somewhere around the knees up they came and out I went.

As I have not been on my bike for some time my legs felt very strong. I knew I was going to enjoy my ride. I overtook two men climbing up Westwood, I smiled and Scott remembered the way we roll.

my ride was overcast and the roads were lacking wheels. I only saw four cyclists today, one of them being on my climb up the devils chimney. A man overtook me turned and said "get on my wheel" I laughed to myself, his wheel was going way too fast for me up the wretched hill.

I cycled 30 miles today. I did think that that I may struggle a little. Today I did not struggle. I am booked in for spin tomorrow morning and nine, Scott will also be spinning straight after my class.

I have been making use of the gym that we pay for each month but never seem to use. I have a little green card that I somehow forgot about tucked away in my purse. Every time I seem to be searching for my cash card at the garage this little green card always seems to be the one to show itself. A gentle reminder of signing on the dotted line months ago full of enthusiasm and vowing to attend on a regular basis.

So the little green card came into play. Circuit training, body pump, and spinning. It all came back to me at spin. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and how much it helps when out on the road.

As I have not done a great deal of cycling of late It has had me thinking along the lines of summer is nearly over and winter is around the corner. Spring time will be a good time to pick cycling back up. My thoughts went back to last year and I remembered Philip and I training in the snow and rain.

A picture from one of last years 67 mile cycle rides in the snow.

I will not be putting Scott away for winter. I will be looking forward the challenge of winter training along with spinning and running for next year will be very different.


  1. Not anther person thinking of winter. I'm not too sure i've had my summer yet! I seem to have blinked and missed it.

    3 weeks off then coming back flying. I love it. I always struggle if I haven't been riding regularly.

  2. Well we had sunshine here today for a while and I made the most of it and did another 30 miles :)

  3. Lovely post!
    We have not had many sunny days here - lol at the man saying to get on his wheel -

  4. I dont know about getting on his wheel, it was his saddle I could of done with getting on :) he was moving much faster than me!

  5. I enjoyed this entry and could feel your happiness! Keep riding and running! :)

  6. Thank you Donna.

    I have cycled 94 miles in the last three days which is not so bad considering I was thinking about putting my bike away for this year.

  7. I am SO happy that you are SO happy! AND you should model for a bike magazine! You are BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Joanne, gotta have one of the skull and cross bones headscarfs (goes with my dirty girl gaiters!). Where'd you get it?

  9. That texas ride sounds nuts, good pics too btw. minus the snow one haha

  10. Looking very nice post. Good to see that you been rode again on bicycle. It would be a good journey.