Monday, 31 August 2009

Oh There Is So Much More To Come

I was all set for putting my bike away for this year.

On Saturday I cycled for the first time in over three weeks.

I think somewhere along the way I stopped believing in myself and all that I was capable of achieving.

I cycled 30 miles on Saturday. Sunday morning I went to spin and cycled another 30 miles. Today I cycled 34 miles.

I know that I am capable of being so much better at this.

It's not about reaching a destination, a point at which I can say I arrived. It's about a journey and yes the struggle.

I have struggled at times, on long rides where my legs have failed me, I would get off my bike and literally cry like a big girl through total frustration when the power in my legs was just not there yet days previous I had cycled so well.

It's only three days.

It's the beginning!

I believe.


  1. You seem to suffer with the same problem as me that nothing touches your goals...
    what is your ultimate goal if you could have all your dreams?
    Also you seem to be doing good enough anyway...*hugs*

  2. Granted you are alot better at riding than I am its good to see that im not hte only one that struggles at times and cries about it lol. Hills are what brings out the tears in me. Not very often but on those days when your body seems to be against you I find its the only way to get through it and to let out the frustration. Sometimes I just yell lol. And since i've injured my back this year hills are twice the struggle for me.