Friday, 13 March 2009

Unlucky For Some - That Is Of Course If You Are Superstitious - By Joanne Bartlett

Not a great deal achieved on the training front of late as I have been busy moving. Must be the gypsy blood in me. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and well I guess you just have get on and deal with it the best you can which is what has taken my time this last few weeks.

Moving house and taking a path not planned was not on the agenda for February though sometimes in life the things which we do not plan can often have the best results.

Once again settled I can now start to focus on training again.

I have not been on my bike for nearly a month, was two weeks without it whilst moving so I guess that doesn't count and a further two weeks I just looked at it daily propped up in it's new resting place. I took the bike by the bars and jumped on for my first ride in a while on Wednesday with a friend who used to compete, Iron Man, New York Marathon etc I knew it would be no easy ride. Our route was a hilly one the first as soon as we set off which was not good for me as my legs tend to come into play after I have been riding a few miles or so. It was a tough ride been my first after time out, faced with hills hills hills and pedalling at a faster pace than usual. Did I enjoy the ride? would of enjoyed it more had my fitness level not taken a nose dive in the last month. Will I get back on my bike? you bet, next ride already planned.

I left my bike propped up in it's new found resting place today and opted for my trainers, I ran eight miles which was more enjoyable than my ride on Wednesday. It was a lovely day the sun was shining and I really enjoyed the miles.

"Even if you fall flat on your face at least you are moving forward"


  1. Hey its Andy from Profile (London UK Sales Mnager type blokey),...after reading your blog you have now convinced me to stop being a lazy arse and get my trainers back on,..been a few years but I used to do the annual tough guy event and my last marathon was Berlin back in the 90s - YES THAT long ago!

  2. Great stuff Andy, maybe we can compare miles if you manage to get your feet moving :)

    Mind you in saying that I need to get my arse into gear as Leeds Half Marathon In May.

    I wait for news of your first run!

  3. I agree with your philosophy of life. I am still doing the best I can to others.
    Great blog yours, congratulations!

  4. Thanks Adrian
    Though I have neglected both the fitness and the blog of late. I must get back on track and get my feet moving and fingers tapping :)