Friday, 17 April 2009

My Motivation Is On Vacation - By Joanne Bartlett

Many days have gone by and many occurrences have past since my last blog.

About a month ago in the early hours of the morning an incident occurred which has caused me a great deal of distress.

I don't really remember a great deal from the night in question as I was sleeping yet while my astral body was running the New York Marathon some heartless taker gained access to my home and made away with my motivation.

They took away a great deal at such a steal, they were my set of goals I desired to achieve, taken and gone while I slept.

So it's kind of like this at the moment, floundering aimlessly at any attempt to get motivated and stick with it though I did managed a few runs on the treadmill last week. First time back in trainers I ran an hour and felt great, thought this is me back on track. Second night again another hour not a problem. Third night, no third night happened!

Oh I have a lot of "Good Intentions" but they don't seem to get me very far without the motivation. It's simple your either motivated or your not, no grey area really this is the way it is.

I have always being quite stubborn and while sometimes it can be viewed as a less attractive trait on other occasions it has aided my motivation. From a very young age if I was told I could not do something I went the extra mile to make sure it happened so why am I not running every day now? why am I not out there on my bike?

I trawled the Internet last night looking at personal trainers as I thought that maybe that would be the answer to finding my motivation but then realised that it's something that has to come from inside, it's not for sale, a purchase for instant gratification, it's a strong sense of self belief and discipline not some stranger to pay £40 an hour, he doesn't have my motivation all gift wrapped in his pocket and so while a personal trainer may be the right choice for some people I switched my Internet search to blog search and read.

I read so many blogs last night of peoples achievements of ongoing training and sacrifice of determination and the desire to succeed and somewhere inside me an internal nerve was struck and way in the distance I could just make it out. It was a bit blury at first but once my eyes readjusted I could defiantly see it - my motivation on it's way back from a not so well earned vacation.
I have a lot of work to do!

"Do not look where you fell but where you slipped"


  1. put on your big girl pants and get those lovely legs moving. xxxx

  2. They are waiting for me when I get home in the morning :) xx

  3. Eventhough the lows truly suck, they can make the highs even sweeter. Crossing the line with no challenges is one thing, but having gotten there whilst overcoming that is something special.

  4. Great blog.

    I'm sure you'll find your motivation soon.

  5. Well done you tapping the keys is as important as pounding the getter get your chained oiled too

  6. Hey the legs have just started moving again, little time and the fingers may follow suit :)
    Waiting for my inspiration to come back across the pond xxx

  7. Hi from Tucson, Joanne!
    Hope you are well!

    Cheers! Bruce