Friday, 8 May 2009

A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

Not being too familiar with “taste of toad” though I would imagine equally as disgusting as the flavours that have tested my pallet in the last six days.

Don't you just wish you were one of the lucky ones able to eat anything and stay super slim? If however you fall into the category of inches added instantly at the mere glance of anything outside of the daily recommended calorie intake you will be all to familiar with ongoing battle of the bulge.

For those of us wishing to lose weight we are all in search of that quick fix miracle diet that will enable us to shed the lbs instantaneously. The reality is that it does not exist or should I say the initial weight loss at the start of any diet/detox plan does but must be followed as we all know by an ongoing healthy diet and exercise plan. Whilst the calorific content of the smallest of treat is probably equivalent to your recommended daily intake consuming a few days worth of calories in one day is easily done when unhealthy life choices are so often made.

So I am looking for a kick start to my diet. Tried and tested by four known people who have all shed an amazing stone in nine days I am sold to the Aloe Vera detox plan. I am on day six with three more days to do and let me tell you it is grim!

Whilst taking the prescribed concoction of psyllium husk which states on the label “mixes instantly and has a great tasting natural flavour” its all lies!! It does not mix, it floats. (I defy anyone to agree that this product is by any means of a great tasting natural flavour. This must breech the consumer care trading standards I am sure!!) It tastes vile and if you do not down the mixture the second you add the last drop of water to it then it solidifies to the consistency of wallpaper paste and has you gagging all the way down the glass, not pleasant at all.

Aloe Vera Juice which again tastes disgusting though not so bad as is lump free. If you hold your nose whilst drinking followed by a big gulp of water the taste goes almost straight away.

Bee Propolis tablets, well after braving the above three times a day this is a doddle.

A healthy evening meal is allowed along with meal replacement milkshakes for breakfast and lunch so not all bad.

Cleansing is a tradition amongst us humans, throughout all ages and cultures. For thousands of years, body purification has been a part of our rituals for health and well-being. It was used in ancient times as a way to reconnect with the divine. Detoxification nowadays if often used as a springboard to weight loss and the hope of reconnecting with that thinner you that's crying to get out.
The scales tell me I have lost 6lbs and with only three days to go I am under no false illusions that I will be a stone lighter when my nine days are up though I will be happy with 7lbs+ that I hope to eventually lose at the end of it and certainly will be the kick start I need to continue a healthy eating plan and lose weight. I would like to lose a stone and half and with almost half a stone gone the remaining stone has got to be down to will power, discipline, healthy eating and the ability to say NO to the vast array of goodies my eyes come across each day.

And while all this detoxing has been taking place not a great deal of cycling/running has been going on for fear of keeling over through lack of nutrition, however, we have cycled a few nights this week but with lack of energy and head on winds of 25-30mph it was tough.
"A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the food limit"


  1. 7lb, wow!! and there I was thinking my 2/3lb a week was good.

    Mind you my cereal diet seem slightly more pleasant. Breakfast cereal for breakfast (as normal) then again for lunch. Whatever I want including pudding for tea. (No pudding allowed if I haven't cycled or ran that day)

  2. 2/3lb a week is excellent and the right way to go.

    This detox 9 days is just to kick start a healthier eating plan and like any diet you always lose more in the first week.

    The cereal diet does sound a lot more pleasant than the yuck I have taken this last seven days.

    I am looking forward to normal food again in the next few days :) with a Saturday treat day every week as long as I have cycled/run.

  3. I lost 40 lbs which started when I decided to cut out sugar and eat more natural. I didn't even really watch the portions as much as what I was putting into my body. I stopped eating processed food and moved to all brown and grains! I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and am continually improving!

  4. Wow thats an amazing weight loss well done you.

    We call it convenience food the amount of processed rubbish we put into our bodies when really it is just down right laziness.

    I have a huge "food banned" list and hopefully with the life style change to my eating habits running and cycling I am looking forward to watching the pounds come off :)

  5. Hey Joanne,
    What de-tox did you use??? Fill me in please.